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The original Anjelica Huston LJ community.

Anjelica Huston Fans
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The Anjelica Huston fan base online is a small one, and this is a little but thriving community which seeks to unite Anjelica Huston fans. Because it is not that easy to stumble upon new Anjelica stuff, you may find anything new regarding this actress here. Join in the fun by posting stuff here -news, pictures, videos, articles, etc. But most of all have fun! This is a friendly community : )

A few simple Rules:

♠ Please be respectful of fellow fans. LJ drama is for losers.
♠ Please be respectful of Anjelica. It's okay to elaborate on how astoundingly sexy you think she is and all that (it's kind of hard not to) but don't be too crude about it.
♠ Please post things that you think may offend other users under an lj-cut.
♠ If you post icons please post up to 3 teasers and then post the rest under a cut.
♠ Please post photos over 800 pixels in width under a cut.


AnJeLicA HuStoN LoVe for updates and pictures run by martucxi
Anjelic - Anjelica online.
anjelica-huston.de.vu - messageboard in german and english run by viviane_avalon
Anjelica's IMDB page - for info on upcomming projects etc.
Russian fanpage - great site run by anjel_fan with a fabulous gallery.
Anjelica Huston Gallery - picture gallery run by grooved_anjel
The Mists of Avalon forum

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Anjelica Huston is cara mia love

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