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Hey guys!!!!!!!!!

Haven't been on here for so long but wanted to let fans know about my Facebook and Twitter pages dedicated to Anjelica.

On Facebook we have over 4,000 images of Anjelica :)
We have more than 200 members on both Facebook and Twitter

So please join and support my pages

For Facebook

For Twitter

Also i cannot stop looking at this picture :)

Also uploading pictures from Anjelica's photoshoot for corduroy magazine

Thanks everybody
Sammy xo

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hey guys!!

hello there!! i am justinne... i am just wondering, for those that are not yet my friends in facebook.. please add me,


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 I'm bringing this comm back to life, hopefully!

Just a short little news tidbit: back in may, the house in Venice Beach where Anjelica Huston and the late Robert Graham once resided is now up for sale! 

...For $18 million.

You can read more about it here.